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Fabric Care Guidance

Caring for your products

01 Instructions

On our fabrics page we have listed the details of each manufacturer we use for our fabrics. Please always refer to their care instructions directly rather than 3rd party sellers for correct information on how to care for your fabrics.

We offer a wide variety of fabrics with different care instructions so please check the information we will provide with your individual order and always refer back to the direct supplier website if your unsure.

02 Longevity

Make sure you maintain your products by using a specified upholstery brush/ upholstery brush hoover attachment only when cleaning to ensure longevity of your products. 

Bear in mind fabrics do change in appearance over time, but this does not affect their durability.

Each of our fabrics have a rub count in the information box, this will indicate the durability of our fabrics.

Avoid placing items in direct sunlight to reduce risk of fading.

03 Washing & Ironing

Always refer to the fabric manufacturer's website directly for washing instructions, natural fabrics such as Linen and Cotton can shrink by upto 5% so take care if you need to re-shape them slightly after washing.

We always recommend washing suitable fabrics at 30 on a delicate setting unless the fabric is specified as dry clean only.

We always recommend to not iron directly onto the fabric but cover with a cotton muslin before ironing or iron on the back.

Fabric supplier information will be provided with your order.

04 Stains

Always refer to the fabric manufacturers instructions. Stains should be dealt with quickly. 

Do not use any products that contain bleach as this could affect the appearance of your fabric, a clean damp cloth is always best after removing any excess spillage.

We always recommend using a professional upholstery cleaning company in the first instance.

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