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Hayley from Fox & Furb takes centre stage on BBC One's 'Make it at Market'

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Exciting news is buzzing in the Fox & Furb workshop as we proudly announce our debut appearance on BBC One's 'Make it at Market,' series two.

Filmed against the enchanting backdrop of Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire with Pat Heavers, her grounds team and the wonderful crew at FlabbergastTV, this upcoming second series, scheduled to premiere on Monday, November 27, promises to be a brilliant showcase of the crafting journey for us and other budding handmade artists and heritage craft entrepreneurs.

make it at market series two on BBC 1 hayley upholsterer
Hayley and husband Martin, posing with the iconic 'Make it at Market" sign at Waterperry Gardens.

It all started with my mum.

I remember my mum saying "You guys have to watch this new TV show Make it at Market on BBC1. It's got Dom from the repair shop and local craft makers, you and the kids will love it!".

We certainly did, but little did we know they were planning a second series until I got sent a post shared to me about upholsterers needed for series 2 on Instagram.

Applying was a bit of a blur, putting my work out there and talking about my local small business was a scary prospect to go to after working away quietly in my cabin on local upholstery projects. However, I always try and keep a positive mindset, and go for opportunities when they present themselves, I had a gut feeling that I needed to follow this one! So glad I did!

Waiting to hear if I had got through to the next stage of interviews seemed like forever!

Imposter syndrome kicked in, but with the support of my family, I filmed myself crafting in the workshop, sent across all my work examples and social links and waited to hear if I had got through to the next stage to chat with the producer about my story.

After a few rounds of informal interviews, a few weeks later I got the call... they wanted Fox & Furb to be on the show! The excitement felt in our house was just amazing, I was totally overwhelmed with excitement and nerves at the same time!

hayley and husband from fox and furb make it at market bbl 1
Hayley and Martin on set whilst filming Make it at Market Series 2.

Our television debut

Hosted by Dom Chinea from the repair shop and his team of business and craft experts, 'Make it at Market' takes participants through transformative challenges, pushing the boundaries of their crafting hobbies to establish viable businesses.

For Hayley, this television debut was such an opportunity to showcase the craftsmanship and passion woven into every bespoke handmade piece at Fox & Furb, and to show off our ideas for a new furniture range which at the time was just a future dream.

The challenges in this season span from high-volume tasks to crafting high-end pieces using premium materials. Some of which we designed exclusively for the show.

Join us on the crafting journey

As Fox & Furb steps onto your TV screens on 'Make it at Market,' series two, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Subscribe to our blog to discover the behind-the-scenes passion, creativity, and dedication that make Fox & Furb's bespoke handmade furniture and home furnishings truly special.

Stay tuned for the premiere on Monday, November 27, and witness Hayley from Fox & Furb and her Make it at Market story unfold on BBC One.

dom China make it at market series two BBC 1 hayley fox and furb upholstery
Join Fox & Furb on BBC1 and fellow makers (from left), Beetles and Bloom, Martin Hughes Furniture, Willow Goat Crafts, Louise Regan Art and of course the wonderful host Dom Chinea from 27th November 2023.

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